Livingstone Range School Division

Board Priorities

Livingstone Range School Division's Board Priorities will create an environment where each person is invested and takes ownership, and where schools achieve superior results, and where students are prepared for life after graduation.


Every school deserves a winning culture.

GOAL: Every student and staff member recognizes that they are responsible for positive

Winning school cultures achieve sustained, superior results and create a sense of belonging and meaningful contribution.

LRSD’s commitment to culture is demonstrated through:

  • Service projects in schools
  • School Spirit activities and clothing
  • School-based celebrations
  • First Nations, Métis, Inuit education and activities

Where school culture is intentional, staff members and students are fully engaged, giving their best effort to a teaching and learning process with purpose.


Every student can succeed.

GOAL: Educators empower students to lead their own learning.

Students, staff, and families unite to prepare students with academic and life-ready skills for today and the future.

LRSD’s commitment to academics is demonstrated through:

  • Enhanced Learning Model
  • Rock the Diploma
  • Virtual School
  • PAT/DIP results
  • Highlights students getting 100% on Diploma Exams
  • Scholarships
  • Dual Credit opportunities
  • Experiential Learning Weeks

We align our processes and educate the whole student to achieve measurable success.


Everyone can be a leader.

GOAL: Every student and staff member recognizes that their contributions help make their school and the division a better place.

Understanding and living leadership principles helps students become engaged, responsible, collaborative, and confident in the face of life’s challenges.

LRSD’s commitment to leadership is demonstrated through:

  • School-based opportunities for student leadership
  • Regional Council of Student Leaders
  • Inspiring Leadership program
  • Administrators Council
  • Ongoing professional development for staff

Students who develop leadership skills are prepared for graduation, post-secondary, career, and life.


Adapted from Leader in Me framework