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Board Redirects Funds to Support Staff Jobs

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The Livingstone Range School Division Board of Trustees voted unanimously to cut 20% from its budget and freeze all their professional development for the remainder of the school year in order to redirect those funds to support staff jobs.

Board of Trustees Vice Chair Lacey Poytress made the motion at an emergency meeting of the Board on April 1. In addition to redirecting funds, the motion called for the Board to support Administration in seeking efficiencies that will have the least impact on staff and students.

“We truly care about all of our staff,” says Board Chair Lori Hodges. “As Trustees, we want to do our part to help minimize the impact of the recent provincial funding reduction and keep as many staff for as long as possible.”

LRSD Senior Administration have been working tirelessly to find budgetary efficiencies since the Alberta Ministry of Education’s March 28 announcement of significant funding reductions in order to funnel money to the provincial COVID-19 response. The dollars from the Board of Trustees’ redirected funding will help Senior Administration avoid the massive support staff layoffs suggested by the province.

“The seven members of the Board of Trustees are unified in their desire to support staff through this difficult period,” says Lori. “We believe by passing this motion we are fulfilling our mandate to lead and direct Livingstone Range School Division in the best way possible, particularly in times of hardship.”

A budget reduction impact statement will be released later today from the Division.

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