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Every Day Counts for Student Success

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How important is attendance and being on time? If you think being 10 minutes late or missing a day or two of school each week doesn't seem like much, click HERE to see how that adds up in a school year and longer.

In Livingstone Range School Division, we believe that attending school consistently and on time are vital to a student’s success in school. In order to take full advantage of the programming in place, it is important that all students attend school regularly and on time.

Livingstone Range School Division Procedures (Admin Procedure 330) require that a student maintain an attendance level of 90%. We recognize students are absent from school for a variety of circumstances (illness, appointments, family activities), and that in certain cases these absences are unavoidable.

Each school in our Division works with parents in maintaining the best possible attendance record for all students; supporting your child in meeting their academic potential is essential to us.

How important is attendance and being on time? It's vital!

If you require support in getting your child to school consistently and on time, please contact your Principal.

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