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National Indigenous History Month

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June is National Indigenous History Month and we are excited to share some local indigenous history with you to celebrate.

Have fun learning southern Alberta Blackfoot place names:

  • The Livingstone Mountain range is known as Pani'kahtaayiikstakiksi (tipi liners) in Blackfoot because they are shaped like the liners or curtains inside of a tipi.
  • Claresholm- Asoyinnaapiooyis (pronounced- Aa soy inn naa pew yes)- Barrel House, named for the water tower which held water for steam engines.
  • Pincher Creek- Spitsii (pronounced- Spee tsee) meaning tall trees.
  • Fort Macleod- Aakaapoiyis, pronounced Aa Gaa Pew Yes, translate to many houses.
  • Old Man River- Naapihtaa, pronounced Naa Beh Daa, named after the traditional site where the headwaters originated from, Napi's Playground, Napi, is the old man.
  • Okotoks- 'Okatok' is the Blackfoot word for rock, the story Napi and the Rock tells the story of how the rock erratic came to be.
  • Ponoka- Means 'Elk' in Blackfoot, the name derives from a traditional story about elk.
  • Calgary- Mohkinstsis- translates as elbow in Blackfoot because of the shape of the river, this is where Elbow River got its name.

Check out these videos featuring Blackfoot musicians, authors, artists:

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