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Understanding Home Education & At-Home Learning

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When the provincial government cancelled in-person classes on March 15, 2020, teachers and students embarked on a new journey of at-home learning. From March through June, teachers provided online instruction with a blend of online and offline experiences focusing on literacy and numeracy for all students, and additional core subjects for older grades. Despite the challenges inherent in a different method of program delivery, we are so proud of our staff and students who continued with learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we now approach school re-entry (under Scenario 1: Near Normal Operations) for the 2020-2021 school year, parents and students will decide if they will return to in-person classes at school or if they are more comfortable continuing with at-home learning. Still other parents are interested in home education (homeschooling) as an option for their children. 

In order to help families make informed decisions about their child's education, we seek to help identify the differences between Home Education and At-Home Learning (similar to what we did March-June 2020).

Home Education (Homeschooling) At-Home Learning
• Parents responsible for instruction & assessment • Certified teachers responsible for instruction & assessment
• Students work from home under parent direction • Students work from home under teacher direction, using blended online & offline programming
• Families select from resources that best support their home education program plan & philosophy • Curriculum is from the Alberta Program of Study
• Enroll by September 30 and receive financial support for materials & resources • Students may transition back into in-person school at appropriate times

Should you choose at-home learning for your child for fall 2020, they will be assigned a teacher which may be different from their in-person school teacher. Additionally, the expectations will be more rigorous than they were in March to June. Talk to your school principal for more information.

More detailed information about Home Education can be found at here. To register or for specific questions, email or call 403-625-3387.


Click here for a PDF chart of the differences between Home Education and At-Home Learning.

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