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$50,000 Dual Credit Grant for Intro to Trades

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Students interested in careers in the Trades will be better prepared with a new dual credit course Introduction to the Trades. With a $50,000 grant from Alberta Education Dual Credit Start-Up Funding, Livingstone Range School Division is partnering with Lethbridge College to offer high school students the course designed to explore 11 trades and the skills needed to be successful in trades. Students receive both high school and college credit for this innovative course. 

“There is enormous hiring potential in the trades across southern Alberta, “ says Chad Kuzyk, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Innovation. “By providing students with opportunities to explore trades while in high school and earn that dual credit, they have such an advantage after high school.”

Introduction to the Trades gives students asynchronous and in-person, hands-on exploration of many trades, bridging the gap between their high school experience and the work skills needed to be successful after school. This creates a more-skilled and more-experienced workforce that benefits students as well as employers.

The grant will help pay for instructors, transportation, textbooks, technology, and resources students need. Up to 50 students per year - from both within LRSD’s area and the broader Alberta Education Zone 6 southern Alberta region - will be able to register. Future dual credit courses will help students narrow their interest into Construction, Electrical, Transportation, and Culinary trades.

“Dual credit courses like Introduction to the Trades with Lethbridge College is one of the innovative ways we are helping ‘Every student, every day’ find ways to succeed,” says Chad. “We’re excited to see where this takes students beyond high school.”

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