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Board of Trustees to Explore 4-Day School Week Through Stakeholder Engagement

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The Livingstone Range School Division Board of Trustees will decide if implementing a 4-day school week is in the best interest of student success, budget efficiencies, and staff retention and recruitment. The Trustees will seek feedback from various stakeholder groups to understand their perspectives and concerns. 

"We want to be in conversation with our stakeholder groups and really listen to their thoughts and feelings," says Lori Hodges, Board Chair. "As a Board, it is important to us that parents, staff, students, indigenous partners, and the community are part of this process."

At the April 22, 2024 Board Meeting, the Trustees voted in favor of a stakeholder engagement plan and timeline. From May to November 2024, stakeholder groups will have opportunities to provide feedback, which will be compiled and reported to the Trustees in January 2025. This information, along with budgeting models and the effect on student engagement will be considered as the Board makes its decision, likely in February 2025.

If the Trustees decide to move forward with a 4-day school week, it is anticipated to begin in the 2025-2026 school year across the Division.

"We will use every communication tool at our disposal to help our educational community understand what a 4-day school week would look like," says Lori. "And then we will have deeper conversations, surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, and other strategies to get the best information possible about the concerns and perspectives of our stakeholders."

The Division's webpage has information about the history of the project, criteria, decision-makers, draft calendar and school timetables, impact on staff, and childcare considerations for families with young children. More information will be posted on this webpage as soon as it becomes available. 

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