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Community and Connection at F.P. Walshe School

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Written by Shannon Fraser, Family School Liaison Counsellor at F.P. Walshe School

Greeting everyone when they enter F.P. Walshe School in Fort Macleod is “OKI” in big letters and the words “We are Walshe”.  When students were asked to define 'We are Walshe,' their responses centered on concepts like 'community,' 'family,' and 'all of us.' Central to the broader concept of overall wellness is the vital aspect of connecting with people and places, alongside fostering a profound sense of community. At Walshe, we recognize that well-being extends beyond individual health to encompass meaningful relationships, a sense of belonging, and a connection to the environment around us.

Our commitment to student wellness goes hand-in-hand with creating opportunities for students to forge genuine connections with their peers, educators, and the physical spaces within the school. We understand that a strong sense of community is foundational to a student's well-being.

Whether through shared experiences in major events like the school-wide Christmas dinner, the inclusive platform of the talent show, or the spirited camaraderie during SHARK Week, we actively cultivate an environment that promotes social bonds and a communal spirit. Moreover, our diverse array of weekly groups, clubs, athletics teams, drama productions, and cultural groups serves as a testament to our dedication to providing spaces for students to connect, relate, and contribute to the rich diversity of our school community.

In recognizing the interconnectedness of people and places, Walshe strives to be a nurturing space where students not only learn academically but also thrive emotionally and socially, fostering a holistic sense of wellness and community.

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