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February 2024 Measurement Survey Results

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Thank you all of our Grade 10-12 students and parents who participated in our February 2024 Student Success Plan Measurement Survey. From February 12-19, 2024, 156 respondents provided feedback about our priority area of 21st Century Knowledge, Skills, & Attributes (Life Skills) area goals that:

1) All students have access to career and life preparation programming, and

2) LRSD schools continue to offer robust off campus programs.

Some comments that reflect the positive impact that career and life preparation programming has on students include the following:

  • "I've been able to see what different career paths and secondary education is available to me. I've also been provided a ton of opportunities, which I wouldn't have had access to otherwise." (Student)
  • "My daughter has got to see into possible career choices more in depth which is helping her figure out what she wants to do." (Parent)
  • "Great for getting course load advice in relation to preparing for post secondary applications." (Parent)

Those who have seen the benefits of off campus programs said the following:

  • "My son has done work experience. This program is essential, and well executed." (Parent)
  • "I took the Green certificate program which allowed me to learn about something I am interested in and take a step into a career I would like to pursue." (Student)
  • "RAP program gave my child a head start at a career and a chance to see if that was the path they wanted to pursue after high school."(Parent)

Thank you all those who participated in this survey.

Click here to see a report of the February 2024 Measurement Survey.

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