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Wellness Break for Our Hard-Working Staff

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All staff in Livingstone Range School Division will get a five-day wellness break next week, as acknowledgment of and appreciation for the extra work and changes required during the first months of school re-entry during the pandemic.

“Our staff have been absolutely amazing this fall!” says Board of Trustees Chair, Lori Hodges. “They have focused on students and continued learning while adjusting to the demands of COVID-19 safety protocols and limitations. We are so impressed with our staff.”

The Board of Trustees and Senior Administration met in October to discuss extending the November 11, 2020 Remembrance Day holiday into a wellness break. Thursday, November 12 and Friday, November 13 were scheduled for professional development and collaboration, when students would not be in classes. The leadership determined to make November 12 and 13 non-operational days, so that staff have Wednesday through Sunday off. The announcement was shared with staff on October 15, 2020.

“We felt that during these demanding times, giving time for staff to focus on health and wellness would be a great benefit,” says Superintendent Darryl Seguin. “We have heard from school administrators across the divisions that staff are experiencing high levels of fatigue. We hope that this five-day break will give them a well-deserved rest.”

This decision reflects a commitment to the Division’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Ongoing wellness support in Livingstone Range School Division includes a Division Wellness Committee, Family School Liaison Counsellors, and school-based wellness initiatives to help manage stress and improve physical health. Division-wide, staff have access to an employee and family assistance program that offers access to confidential and personalized health and wellness tools, resources, and support accessible anytime from anywhere. 

“Mental and physical wellness is absolutely crucial for students and staff to be successful in education,” says Lori. “We are dedicated to helping ensure opportunities for health and wellness across the Division.”

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