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Home Education with Livingstone Range School Division is a great alternative for many families in our jurisdiction. Find out how flexible it can be!

For more information regarding home education please contact Division Principal for At-Home Learning and Home Education, Tara Tanner at or 403-625-3356.

Home Education FAQs

What is the difference between Home Education and Virtual School?

In order to help families make informed decisions about their child's education, we seek to help identify the differences between Home Education and Virtual School.

Home Education (Homeschooling) Virtual School
• Parent-led • Teacher-led (school-directed)
• Students work from home under parent direction • Students work from home under teacher direction, using blended online & offline programming
• Families select from resources that best support their home education program plan & philosophy • Curriculum is from the Alberta Program of Study
• LRSD Home Education parents are able to access programming such as community phys ed programs, certain online learning programs, attending special presentations, and participating in school sports teams. • Virtual School students are provided a robust, comprehensive educational program in an online environment; have access to teacher support throughout the day as needed; are part of an online classroom of peers; and are able to participate in school sports teams

To register or for specific questions, contact Division Principal of Home Education and Virtual School, Tara Tanner at or 403-625-3356.

Click here for a PDF chart of the differences between Home Education and Virtual School.

Is traditional Home Education an option with LRSD?

Yes, LRSD is supportive of families who choose to educate their children in traditional, parent directed home education. There are also options for parents who wish to have their children participate in teacher-directed, Alberta curriculum programs.

Do I have to follow Alberta Education programs of study?

No, you have the option of choosing from the Alberta Program of Studies, the outcomes outlined in the Home Education Act, or a combination. If you choose to follow the outcomes in the Home Education Act, you will develop a program plan outlining how you will meet the learning outcomes. Your LRSD facilitator can assist you in developing this plan.

Are there certain approved resources that I must use?

No, families are free to choose the resources that best fit their learning outcomes and philosophy of home education.

Can I use faith-based materials to build my Home Education program?

Yes, you are free to select from resources that best support your home education program plan and philosophy.

I’m new - can anyone help me with selecting and evaluating resources?

Yes, your home education facilitator can assist you with this. There is also a network of home education families within LRSD who are happy to share their knowledge.

Are there options for blended programming?

There are several options. You can choose parent-directed for some courses and work with an LRSD teacher to direct others, while still having your child work from home. There are options for attending your local school as well. This is determined on an individual basis, in consultation with yourself, your student, the home education facilitator and the local school. There may be funding implications, depending on the percentage of the program that is parent-directed vs. teacher-directed.

Does LRSD offer programming for Home Education students?

We currently offer a weekly Phys Ed program for home education students, which is offered free to LRSD home education students (there is a charge of $40/6 week session for non-LRSD families). Access to online resources such as Mathletics, Zorbits, and Reading Eggs are available to LRSD home education students, and we continue to explore and expand our offerings. Your facilitator can help you determine if these are appropriate for your child and will enroll you in the programs.

Will I receive financial support for my child’s Home Education program?

Yes, as long as you enroll by September 30, you are eligible to be reimbursed up to approximately $800 for materials to support your child’s program. Your home education facilitator will work with you to determine what are/are not eligible expenses.

Can I enroll in a Home Education program after September 30?

Yes, but you will not be eligible to receive funding for your program.

I have concerns about my child’s progress. Are evaluations and supports available?

Your home education facilitator can connect you with evaluations for reading and math, along with professionals for speech, motor and learning needs.

What is the role of the Home Education facilitator?

Your facilitator will meet with you early in the year to review (and assist with development if requested) your program plan and the necessary documentation to complete enrolment in a home education program. Your facilitator will schedule a minimum of two more visits where your children will show the learning they have been doing. More visits can be arranged at parent request. Your facilitator is available at any time to support you in your home education journey.

Does LRSD accept Home Education students from outside of their boundaries?

These situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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