Livingstone Range School Division

Reconciliation & Calls to Action

"For over 150 years, residential schools operated in Canada. Over 150,000 children attended these schools. Many never returned. Often underfunded and overcrowded, these schools were used as a tool of assimilation by the Canadian state and churches. Thousands of students suffered physical and sexual abuse. All suffered from loneliness and a longing to be home with their families. The damages inflicted by these schools continue to this day.

"In 2009, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada began a multi-year process to listen to Survivors, communities and others affected by the Residential School system."

-National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation

In 2015 the Truth & Reconciliation Commission released 94 Calls to Action: individual instructions to guide governments, communities, and faith groups toward reconciliation. Visit the website Beyond 94 for a complete list of the Calls to Action and their progress.

Livingstone Range School Division seeks to address the Education Calls to Action (#8-12).

See our Reconciliation & Calls to Action document "Reconciliation Is What We Do" to learn more about what we are doing to promote healing and reconciliation within our schools and for our staff, students, and stakeholders.

Reconciliation Is What We Do

Orange Shirt Day 2020: Residential School Stories

For Orange Shirt Day 2020, Piikani Elder Betty Ann Little Wolf shared her residential school experiences. Staff from F.P. Walshe school recorded the conversation for this video.