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Give your child the extra one-on-one time they need with a tutor! LRSD Pursuits Tutoring connects vetted tutors with families who want to hire a tutor for their child. Tutors and students connect online at a time and for a fee agreed upon by them.

LRSD Pursuits provides this connection service free of charge; families pay the tutor directly for their services.

Tutors are available for student instructions anytime - including summer months. Individual tutors' schedules may vary.

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Deborah Goldstein is a certified teacher in Alberta who has 25 years teaching experience.  She is willing to tutor all school curriculum for students ranging from preschool through to grade 12.   Her rate is $25 per hour.

Please contact her for availability OR OR 403-653-6454.

Sarah Amatto has worked in various schools within Livingstone Range School Division as both teacher and substitute teacher.   She has been on online tutor in the past to students in grade 2, 3 & 5. She is willing to tutor elementary and junior high.  She will also tutor high school level courses in both language and social studies.  Her rate is $30 per hour.

Please contact her for availability

Miranda Van Loon is a university student studying to become a teacher.  She has filled the role of substitute support staff with Livingstone Range School Division since 2018.  She is interested in tutoring students up to grade 10 in L.A., social studies, science, and math.  She would also consider high level math courses.  Her rate is $25 per hour.

Please contact her for availability  OR 403-632-6179.

Linden Kronlund is a graduate of Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge.  He has worked as an educational assistant within Livingstone Range School Division.  He is currently pursuing the social work program at the University of Calgary.  He is willing to tutor students from K-5 in any subject.  His rate is $20 per hour.

Please contact him for availability OR 403-308-1738.

Scott Fairs is not only on with the Fire Department in Claresholm, he has also worked as a teacher and substitute teacher within Livingstone Range School Division. The subjects he will tutor are social studies & L.A for grades K-12 as well as Math & Science for K-9.  His rate is $40 per hour.

Please contact him for availability OR 403-795-0539.

Gail Foulston has an extensive background in Early Childhood Education and has worked within Livingstone Range School Division in the past.  She is willing to teach all grade 1 and 2 subjects.  Her rate is $20 per hour.

Please contact her for availability: OR 403-244-3457.

Laurie Henthorne has extensive experience tutoring for many years.  She has worked with over 200 students and will tutor a variety of grade levels and subjects.  Her rate is $40 per hour.

Please contact her for more information at:

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