Livingstone Range School Division

Virtual School

Our Virtual School is committed to providing exciting, experiential learning opportunities to students that are outside of a traditional classroom setting. 

Courses are offered through both synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities to accommodate a variety of schedules. Students are able to connect with teachers throughout their week and build meaningful relationships as they work together. 

Virtual School Website

What is the difference between Traditional School and Virtual School?

In order to help families make informed decisions about their child's education, we seek to help identify the differences between Traditional School and Virtual School.

Traditional School Virtual School
  • Alberta Education curriculum and assessment
  • Alberta Education curriculum and assessment
  • Alberta High School Diploma
  • Alberta High School Diploma
  • Taught by certificated teachers
  • Taught by certificated teachers
  • Diploma exams in-person
  • Diploma exams in-person
  • No cost
  • No cost
  • Class-paced
  • Self-paced
  • Timetable with set class periods
  • Students make their own schedule
  • Access course content during school hours
  • Access course contents 24/7
  • Courses end at semester’s end
  • Students can move faster or slower through course
  • Access to teacher in-person
  • Access to teacher via email, text, and online meet
  • Interact with other students in-person at school
  • Interact with other students virtually through homeroom and clubs
  • Exams and assessments in-person
  • Exams and assessments monitored virtually or in-person
  • Knowledge & Employability Certificate of Achievement in traditional school only
  • Best for self-starter, motivated learners

To register for Virtual School or for specific questions, contact Division Principal, Tara Tanner at or 403-625-3356.

Click here for a PDF chart of the differences between Traditional School and Virtual School.