Livingstone Range School Division

Learning Support

Learning Support refers to specialized programs and services provided to students with an identified need.

These include, as appropriate:

  • Differentiated instruction within and outside of a regular classroom
  • Individualized Program Plans (IPPs) that are specific to the needs of each student
  • Behavior supports
  • Small group or one-on-one instruction with professional and/or paraprofessional staff partnering professional expertise in assessment and program planning
  • Counseling services
  • Opportunities to work with mentors
  • Teacher Assistants supporting student learning
  • Accommodations and modifications to the classroom environment or student's program

We believe that educating students with special needs in inclusive settings is the first placement option to be considered by schools, in consultation with parents and, when appropriate, students. 

We strive to create enabling environments where:

  • Parents are partners
  • Students are not labeled or categorized, but viewed with individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Physical and educational settings are appropriate to the age, ability and interest of all students
  • Allowance is made for the dignity of risk in challenging situations
  • Suitably timed and frequent feedback by the teacher promotes demonstrable outcomes
  • School work is matched to student skills and interests through progress monitoring
  • Continuous opportunity is provided for the student to have meaningful interactions with peers
  • All students are treated fairly in providing responses in class
  • Intensive instruction occurs
  • The pupil-teacher ratio permits individualized programs and student portfolios
  • Curriculum is not just content, but is based on principles of child development; context and process skills are also emphasized
  • Inter-agency collaboration occurs