Livingstone Range School Division


Elected School Board Trustees

Through the Education Act, Alberta’s legislation has delegated some authority for the governance of education to school boards. As statutory corporations, school boards have obligations to perform and they have been given powers to carry out these tasks.

The citizens of our Wards elect Trustees to govern The Livingstone Range School Division (LRSD) on their behalf. Trustee elections occur every four years, during the same time as municipal elections.

The role of the Trustee is to be a contributing member of the Board as it carries out its governance mandate in order to achieve Livingstone Range School Division’s mission.

Livingstone Range School Division promotes and encourages its interested citizens to run for the office of elected school board Trustee. The Division is committed to providing an environment that will give all candidates fair access to the electorate.

The next Trustee election will be held on October 18, 2021.

Become a Trustee

The Local Authorities Election Act, states in section 21(1) that a person may be nominated as a candidate in any election under this Act if on nomination day the person

     (a)   is eligible to vote in that election,
     (b)   has been a resident of the local jurisdiction and the ward, if any, for 6 consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day, and
     (c)   is not otherwise ineligible or disqualified

DISCLAIMER: It is the candidate’s responsibility to read and understand the legislation, or to seek appropriate legal or accounting advice from professionals as required. The candidate is responsible for ensuring that his or her campaign complies with all provincial laws.

Filing a Nomination Form

Form 4 - Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance

Form 5 - Candidate Information

NOTE: These forms are provincially protected and cannot be opened in an internet browser. To view the forms right-click, select "save link as", download to your personal computer, and open with Adobe Reader.

The nomination period for the 2021 general election begins on January 1, 2021 and runs until 12:00 pm on nomination day, which is Monday, September 20, 2021.

Candidates who seek nomination for school board Trustee must complete Form 4 – Nomination Paper and Candidate’s Acceptance. In addition, the candidate must also file Form 5 – Candidate Information. (See links above for both forms.)

Nominations must be signed by at least five electors. These electors must be residents of the school board on the date they signed the form, and they must be eligible to vote in the election.  As Livingstone Range School Division has a ward system, the electors signing the nomination form must also be residents of the ward for which the candidate is being nominated.

Candidates can file their nomination papers with the returning officer by visiting Livingstone Range School Division office at 410 20th Street, Fort Macleod Alberta T0L 0Z0 during regular business hours.  Although an appointment is not required, we encourage candidates to call 403-625-3356 and schedule an appointment time.  We are pleased to coordinate for candidates who schedule in advance complimentary Commissioner of Oaths for Form 4 - Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance.

Ward Boundaries


Livingstone Range School Division is divided into 3 wards, represented by 7 Trustees:

  • Ward 1 - the north-south corridor of the Division (3 Trustees as of upcoming election)
  • Ward 2 - the far western/Crowsnest Pass region of the Division (2 Trustees)
  • Ward 3 - the central region of the Division (2 Trustees as of upcoming election)

Ward Boundaries, Schools, and Current Trustees


For more information about Trustee elections, contact:

Jeff Perry
Associate Superintendent, Business Services