Livingstone Range School Division

Edsembli User Guide

Know Before You Start

  • There are separate logins for junior high and senior high for each school. Ensure you're logging in to the correct Edsembli portal to begin.
  • Each parent will require your own individual email address and the school needs to have your email address on file.
  • The first time you log in, enter your email address and click "Forgot Password" to get started.
  • Your school can reset your password if needed.
  • Contact the school to add/connect siblings if needed.

For questions or support logging in, please contact your school.

Navigating Your Student's Edsembli Account

The HOME tab shows the classes a student is registered in, gives access to markbooks and shows attendance for the last two weeks. 

The ATTENDANCE summary screen shows the overall absences for each class (it is easiest to read if you select Semester). You can select ‘Attendance History’ to see specific dates that students missed classes (if there are no absences, nothing will show in this screen). A blank or ‘P’ indicates the student was present in class. 

  1. To view the overall history of a student's attendance, click "Attendance" and "History".
  2. Unexcused absences will be displayed in red, and lates will be displayed in yellow.

The TIMETABLE tab will show your student’s daily timetable.

In the ACHIEVEMENT tab you can see assignments and marks. Use the drop-down to change classes. Beside the overall class mark is a calendar icon, click it for individual assignment marks and the final term mark.

  1. Find course grades by clicking on the "Achievement" tab. Click "Marks and Comments".
  2. Choose a course from the pull-down menu.
  3. Display assignment marks, quizzes and test scores.
  4. Scores can be displayed by week, month, or year.
  5. Click on the "Generate Report" button at the top right corner of this window to create a marks report that you can print.