Livingstone Range School Division

Collective Agreements

LRSD Guiding Principles

As approved by the Board of Trustees, February 14, 2022

  1. Decisions must be student centered.
  2. Decisions must take into account our geography and ruralness.
  3. Schools and communities must work collaboratively to provide the best quality educational opportunities for students.
  4. Decisions are best made closest to the child through site-based decision making.
  5. Decisions reached must be affordable now and sustainable in the future.Equitable access to programming opportunities for students within their communities.
  6. Program delivery must be flexible and responsive to student needs.
  7. Accountability must be built into every decision.
  8. Decisions must reflect board policies.

LRSD Guiding Principles for Collective Bargaining 

As approved by the Board of Trustees, February 14, 2022

In conjunction with the LRSD overarching guiding principles, the following principles will serve to guide negotiations with employees and employee groups or their bargaining agent:

  1. any agreement will support transformation through innovative, adaptable, creative and collaborative practices;
  2. any agreement will be affordable now and sustainable in the future.
  3. any agreement will be competitive in order to attract and retain staff;
  4. any agreement will ensure transparency during the collective bargaining process by keeping all stakeholders apprised of developments, decisions, issues, and assessed impact on the education system.

Desired Outcomes for Collective Bargaining Communication

  1. To ensure the public is knowledgeable of the Board's approach to collective bargaining.
  2. To make public, accurate, and timely information that abides by labour relations and legal parameters.

Bargaining Process

The Employer will advocate and participate in negotiations by:

a)  appointing a Negotiation Committee;
b)  engaging in open, honest and frank dialogue;
c)  gathering and sharing information necessary to ensure informed discussions;
d)  discussing and resolving issues, keeping in mind the interests of the Employer;
e)  demonstrating management practices consistent with the values of the Employer;
f)  being transparent in its communications with employees and other stakeholders, and;
g)  being mindful of what is happening in the province.

Collective Agreements: