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Jason Clifton

Place-Based Learning Supervisor

Jason Clifton has been with LRSD since he started his teaching career in 2009. Jason has taught grades 2 to 12, been a group leader at FACES, coached a variety of school sports teams, ran the Fresh Start program, served as both a Principal and Assistant Principal, and had the opportunity to help start the Livingstone Ski Academy.

Jason holds three degrees from the University of Lethbridge including a Master's degree in Education with a focus on school improvement and program implementation. An avid outdoor enthusiast, Jason holds several certifications related to outdoor education and sport. Jason believes strongly in place-based pedagogy and has a passion for creating special programs and experiences for students. Advocating for community partnerships and innovative programming, Jason believes that schools should strive towards the development of the whole child. 

When not working with students or program planning, Jason likes to spend time with his friends and family enjoying many different hobbies and outdoor pursuits.

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