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Help Us Develop Future School Year Calendars

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Help us develop future school year calendars and share your thoughts about when days off are scheduled and innovative ways to find efficiencies! 

Creating a School Division Calendar is a complex and challenging task. We consider student, staff, and parent voices as we build a calendar that works for all stakeholders while meeting the required conditions outlined by Alberta Education, including:

  • Instructional time must meet or exceed Alberta Education’s requirements as outlined in the Guide to Education.
  • The calendar must adhere to the fixed diploma and achievement examination dates set by Alberta Education.
  • The calendar must include the set Alberta Teachers' Association Convention dates (February).
  • The calendar cannot exceed 200 teacher days. 

In addition, to operate effectively and enable LRSD to achieve our goals, the calendar must have:

  • A minimum of one divisionally-based professional development day.
  • A minimum of one divisional inter-school collaboration day.
  • A fixed Christmas break including non-instructional days from December 24 to January 2.
  • A sufficient number of professional development days for staff planning, collaboration, and in-service activities.

Consider the following ideas about how a divisional school calendar might look:

  • Students starting class before or after Labour Day
  • Non-student days on Fridays/Mondays to extend the weekend or mid-week instead
  • A set Fall Break week or more frequent four-day weeks
  • Students in class leading up to Christmas break to allow more time off after Christmas or more time off before Christmas
  • Full week off for students during Family Day week in February or spread those extra days out during the winter/spring
  • 4-day weeks for students for potential cost-savings and allowing more time at home or more options for part-time jobs for older students
  • Spring Break that aligns with Easter or a set week each year

Given the context and criteria above, what are the most important factors that should be considered when creating the School Year Calendar? 

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