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New Division Vehicles Save Money

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Beyond 2020-2021 Livingstone Range School Division will be faced with significant reductions in provincial revenue for the following two years. With funding reductions and our core value of innovation in mind, our finance team has reviewed operational functions with a mindset to improve efficiencies. 

We've identified two target areas to reduce costs: the mileage we pay employees for divisional travel and the courier that runs between schools. In a jurisdiction that covers more than 9,500 square kilometers, travel and transportation-related expenses happen every day. 

In order to reduce costs in these areas, we've bought two fuel-efficient divisional vehicles, purchased with capital reserves. The purchase will be amortized over a 5-year period with the potential of them lasting longer. Both vehicles will be maintained in-house by our bus garage mechanic.

The 2020 Ford Escape and 2020 GMC Terrain each have sufficient space to use for the courier function. Current Division staff will now run the courier once a week versus the previous practice of two times a week with a contracted deliverer. We've also asked schools and departments to look at ways we can reduce the number of courier trips to help reduce costs.

When the vehicles are not being used for the courier we have prioritized the areas of Transportation, Health and Safety, and Technology as primary users of these vehicles for Divisional travel. In addition, we have asked other Divisional employees to schedule and use the vehicles as their first option. Two vehicles will not be sufficient to eliminate the use of personal vehicles for Divisional travel, but we feel that two vehicles will cover a large amount of that travel, and reduce mileage reimbursement expenses. 

We anticipate an overall savings of close to $25,000 per year with this innovative solution. 

Look for our staff driving on the highways of southwestern Alberta and give a wave or a friendly beep! beep!

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