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November 2023 Measurement Survey Results

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Thank you all of our staff, parents/guardians, and Grade 5 & 11 students who participated in our November 2023 Student Success Plan Measurement Survey. From November 1 to 8, 2023, these stakeholder groups were invited to provide feedback on progress toward select goals in Livingstone Range School Division's Student Success Plan 2021-2024. 

792 respondents provided feedback to questions in our priority area of Engagement, as it relates to students setting and achieving goals. We are pleased to report the results.

Two questions were for staff only. 88% of staff reported that students are taught how to set achievable goals and develop a plan to accomplish them, and 82% of staff responded that goals are regularly reviewed to assist students in goal achievement.

80% of parents/guardians, students, and staff report being aware of personal and collective goal-setting opportunities at school, with students. Of these same respondents, 81% agree that setting and achieving goals is integrated into their school culture.

Some comments that reflect the positive impact goal-setting has on students include the following:

  • "Setting goals made me a better student." (Student)
  • “My daughter, who had classes she needed to improve on, she set her own goals to them, and this year she is 10-15% higher marks in those classes.” (Parent/Guardian)
  • “School-wide reading goals and numeracy goals are tailored to individual students' levels.” (Staff)
  • "I make plans for myself and my success when it comes to assignments, overall school journey, and my future." (Student)
  • “Students setting meaningful goals have increased student engagement and aspirations.” (Staff)

Thank you all those who participated in this survey.

Click here to see a report of the November 2023 Measurement Survey.

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