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Stavely School Awarded $10,000 Indigo Love of Reading Grant

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This year, Stavely School was selected from hundreds of applications to receive an Indigo Love of Reading Foundation Literacy Fund Grant! Because of the hard work that the school has done to champion literacy in our community, such as their annual 1 School, 1 Book initiative, Story Dogs, and school skill building block, Stavely School will be receiving $10,000 in funding for new books and literacy resources.

The application for the Indigo Love of Reading Grant stems from a commitment to provide students with the best possible educational resources. The primary motivations for seeking this grant include:

  1. Alignment with the New Curriculum: Stavely School needs resources that align with new curriculum across all courses. The new curriculum emphasizes diverse and updated materials that support modern teaching methodologies and foster a deeper understanding of subject matter. This grant will allow the school to procure the latest books and resources that meet these standards.

  2. Limited Access to Up-to-Date Books: Although thankful that they have access to the Stavely Public Library books, many of the existing Stavely School resources are outdated and do not reflect the latest developments in various fields. This limits students' ability to engage with current, relevant information, hindering their learning experience. 

  3. Engagement of Rural, Athletic Students: Stavely School serves a rural community with many students who have a strong interest in athletics, leadership, and fine arts. They require books that pique the interest of these students, encouraging them to read more. By incorporating books that resonate with their interests and experiences, the aim is to foster a love of reading and improve literacy rates.

  4. Support for Diverse Learning Needs: The Stavely School student body includes individuals with diverse learning needs and preferences. Having a variety of books that cater to different reading levels and interests is crucial for ensuring that every student can find something that captivates their attention and supports their educational journey.

Receiving the Indigo Love of Reading Grant will significantly enhance the school library's offerings, providing students with the resources they need to succeed academically and personally. This grant will help cultivate a vibrant reading culture that aligns with school goals as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School, fostering a lifelong love of learning among our students.

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